The Holiday Collection

The Holiday Collection

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The Holiday Collection

Orange Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an excellent oil for finishing poultry and fish. Simply grill chicken, duck, or salmon, then drizzle with this oil while still warm. Or, use our Orange Extra Virgin Olive Oil as the perfect complement to brighten up your fruity salads and fresh vegetable dishes. This oil makes a delicious aioli for dipping asparagus and other vegetables.

The Cranberry Balsamic Vinegar has the typical acidity and the fine fruit notes as a fresh cranberry which results in a wonderful taste experience. This fruity creation is the perfect must-have for your Holiday creations.  It is also delicious on salads or ice cream!

Our exquisite FassZination Hazelnut Oil from oil expert Jean Marc Montegottero is a true delight! This oil is deep gold to pale amber in color, with a strong aroma of hazelnuts and a versatile, nutty flavor. Drizzle this oil over steamed or lightly sautéed vegetables or fish, add it to salad dressings with any of our fruit vinegars, or use it as a naturally healthy topping for ice cream or custard-based desserts.

Set Contains:  3 bottles, 40ml each
Origin:   Italy, Germany, France

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