Melange Noir, Black Pepper Blend

Melange Noir, Black Pepper Blend

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This unique composition of tellicherry pepper, cubeba pepper, and szechuan pepper is just too delicious to miss out on steaks, roast beef, lamb, game or dark sauces. It is ideal for grilling in combination with coarse sea salt. The different types of pepper come to the full advantage: Tellicherry pepper, the highest quality pepper in India with its fine, citrus notes and sharpness. Cubeba pepper, from Java or Sri Lanka, with its sharp-bitter taste, paired with a sweet mint and eucalyptus notes. Szechuan pepper is not actually related to real pepper but it has a unique flavor. 

Ingredients: Tellicherry pepper, piper cubeba, sichuan pepper.

Net Wt: 45g
Origin: Germany

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