The Olive Oil Sampler Set

The Olive Oil Sampler Set

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The Olive Oil Sampler Set

This is the perfect gift set for those that love to cook and appreciate quality ingredients.  This set showcases our most popular extra virgin olive oils.

Rich, grassy notes and a hint of anise round out the full character of our robust Basil Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Try it tossed with pasta, drizzled over a caprese salad, or added to your next batch of pesto for an extra pop of flavor.

Fedrerico's Extra Virgin Olive Oil is herbaceous and fruity with a mild bitterness and fine sharpness. Perfect for vegetables, salad dressings, meat or use as dip for bread.

 A staple in the kitchen, our Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil offers a bold flavor of garlic to a wide variety of dishes. Drizzle over steamed broccolini, spruce up your morning eggs, or pair with our Aceto Balsamic Platinum for bread dipping. 

The jalapeño is one of the most important chilies in North and South America. The basis for our Jalapeño Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the finest extra virgin olive oil combined with the fiery and fruity taste of the jalapeño. Excellent for marinating meat and vegetables for your barbecue or adding it to your pasta.

Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a taste of fresh lemon; very fruity. Great for citrus salad dressings. An ideal seasoning for fish or other seafood. Also good for preparing mayonnaise, in chickpea recipes, or with pasta. Top steamed vegetables or salads with this oil.

Our Rosemary Extra Virgin Olive Oil offers a bright, distinctive flavor thanks to the slow extraction of dried rosemary. This oil creates the perfect dipping oil for focaccia or any rustic Italian bread. Drizzle this flavorful oil over venison or add it to homemade pizza and pasta dishes.

 Our San Gimignano Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a light to medium-bodied olive oil that works beautifully in a variety of dishes. Use as the perfect complement to any goat or sheep's milk cheese for bread dipping, and for adding a delicious, peppery note to salads.

Our White Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil is our most elegant finishing oil with a deep, earthy aroma and a full taste to match. We use a blend of white and black truffles to create a complex web of flavor, with delicate hints of garlic and mushroom. No gourmet kitchen would be complete without this oil!

Set Contains:  8 bottles, 40ml each
Origin:  Italy, Uruguay

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