Walnut Pesto

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This artisanal pesto is made with 30% high-quality walnuts and cashews. Made from exclusively extra virgin olive oil and delicious Parmigiano Reggiano (DOP) cheese, this pesto contains no additives. It is also a gluten-free product.

Uses; Transform your pasta dishes into creamy masterpieces by simply tossing your favorite noodles in Italian walnut pesto. Or, take it up a notch and use this sauce as a decadent filling for gnocchi or ravioli. The possibilities are endless! But it doesn't stop there, try the following: Pasta Sauce Gnocchi or Ravioli Filling Meat Accompaniment Crostini Topping Vegetable Dip Sandwich Spread Salad Dressing Pizza Topping

Ingredients:  Contains: Milk and Tree nuts Walnuts 30%, Cashews, Extra virgin olive oil, Parmigiano Reggiano PDO (milk, salt, rennet), Salt.

Net Wt: 180g
Origin: Italy


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