Mediterranean Risotto

Mediterranean Risotto

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Ingredients: Risotto rice (87%), tomato flakes, soup greens (carrots, leeks, SELLERIE), Mediterranean mixture 2.2% (spices (basil, oregano, onions, turmeric, parsnips, pepper, chilli, dill tips, SELLERIE, rosemary, peppers) , Rock salt 19%, smoked salt (salt, smoke)), onions, red and green peppers.

For this Mediterranean variant, VIOLAS' decided to refine high-quality risotto rice with fruity tomato flakes, dried peppers and Mediterranean herbs and to give the risotto a typical southern note. You will be amazed by this delicious taste and love the risotto as a main course or as an accompaniment to Mediterranean meat and vegetable dishes.

Preparation: Swirl the risotto mixture in onions and olive oil. Then let simmer gently in 500 - 600 ml vegetable broth, stirring constantly, for about 30 minutes. Of course, you can refine the risotto with white wine or parmesan, to your taste.

Net Wt: 7oz
Origin: Germany

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