Bruschetta Mix

Bruschetta Mix

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Ingredients: 57% tomato flakes, herb preparation (tomatoes, garlic, oregano, basil, onion, bell pepper, salt, parsley).

Our popular bruschetta mixture is really flavorful, incredibly tasty and prepared in no time with ingredients that probably every household has in stock. And the mixture is also really versatile: The spread can be enjoyed as a pesto with pasta, and with a little crème fraîche it can be refined to a fine dip that goes with crispy potato wedges, vegetable sticks, jacket potatoes and crackers. Spread on fresh yeast dough, topped and baked to your taste, you can even make delicious pizza and focaccia in no time.

Preparation: Mix 4 heaped tablespoons of bruschetta mixture with about 10 tablespoons of water and allow to swell for 5-10 minutes. Mix with 7 tablespoons of olive oil to make a smooth spread.

Net Wt: 3.5oz
Origin: Germany

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