Strawberry Basil Gin & Tonic

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Strawberry Basil Gin & Tonic

📷 by: Whiskey Loves Basil

This easy and refreshing cocktail has all the flavors of summer with its perfect pairing of sweet and peppery freshness. Cheers!



1. Cut each shrimp in half or at least one-inch-long pieces. Place shrimp in a glass or ceramic bowl. Mix in the lime juice, lemon juice and vinegar cover and refrigerate for one hour.

2. Mix in the chopped onion and serrano or jalapeno peppers and refrigerate an additional hour.

3. If you find the ceviche a little too acidic, drain out some of the juices after the marinating process. Add the remaining ingredients except the chopped avocado and lightly toss.

4. Add the avocado as you serve the ceviche. This will keep them from turning brown while in the refrigerator.

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  • Interesting recipe for a gin ceviche?

    Lucy Clark on

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